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 Hardscape Design & Installation In Longmont, Colorado.
We offer professional and visually stunning hardscaping services

A well-designed landscape encompasses two essential elements: hardscaping and softscaping, each adding their own unique charm. Let's explore the world of hardscaping, which breathes life into your outdoor space with mesmerizing man-made features. Picture a paver driveway that welcomes you home, crafted with precision and adorned with elegant interlocking pavers or natural stone. Imagine a patio that becomes the heart of your gatherings, showcasing intricate patterns and providing a stunning backdrop for your outdoor entertainment. A walkway, gracefully guiding your footsteps from the driveway to your front door, or through your garden, with each step adding a touch of enchantment to your journey.  And don't forget the retaining walls, strong and steadfast, creating captivating terraces and carving some flat, usable land out of the gentle slopes of your landscape.

Let your landscaping dreams take further shape with the addition of outdoor structures like a wood or composite deck, providing an inviting space to unwind and bask in the beauty of your surroundings. Picture a gazebo, offering a sheltered haven for intimate gatherings or peaceful moments of solitude. And don't forget the charm of a beautifully made pergola, their elegant lattice providing shade while weaving an enchanting tapestry of light and shadow.

While hardscaping elements require meticulous craftsmanship and careful material selection, they offer lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. Unlike the living aspects of your landscape, such as lawns and gardens, hardscaped areas provide durability and longevity, requiring less ongoing care. This allows you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor oasis rather than tending to its constant needs.

So, as you envision your dream landscape, consider the transformative power of hardscaping. From the grandeur of intricate driveways and patios to the allure of walkways and the strength and resilience of retaining walls, let these man-made elements elevate your outdoor space into a true masterpiece. Frontier Stone is here to bring your vision to life, combining our skills, passion, and attention to detail to create an outdoor sanctuary that captures the essence of your desires.

Frontier Stone is a hardscaping contractor based out of Longmont, Colorado and serving Boulder County and Weld County and the surrounding areas.  We specialize in designing and building hardscapes for both residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

Hardscape Installation Services We Offer In Longmont Colorado:

  • New driveway installations (brick, stone, gravel, or concrete).
  • Interlocking paver patios with intricate designs and patterns.
  • Outdoor cooking areas for the ultimate outdoor culinary experience.
  • Pool decks and surrounding landscaping that blends beauty and functionality.
  • Expert retaining wall construction for terraces and slope management.
  • Custom-built gazebos and pergolas, providing shaded retreats.
  • Walkways and pathways, guiding your footsteps with elegance.
  • Creation of drought-tolerant landscapes, harmonizing beauty with environmental consciousness.
  • Outdoor fire pits or fireplaces for cozy gatherings and warmth.
  • Seating walls and benches, providing comfortable spaces for relaxation.
  • Landscape lighting to enhance the ambiance and highlight key features.
  • Steps and staircases for seamless transitions between different levels.
  • Decorative stone or brick borders and edging for a polished finishing touch.
  • Outdoor living spaces and entertainment areas tailored to your specific needs.
  • Customized garden beds and planter boxes to showcase your favorite plants.
  • Erosion control measures and drainage solutions for efficient water management.

With Frontier Stone's expertise and attention to detail, these hardscaping services can transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis, reflecting your unique style and capturing the essence of your outdoor living desires.

Why Choose Frontier Stone For Your Hardscape Construction?

When it comes to selecting a landscaping company for your hardscaping project in the Longmont area, we understand that you have numerous options available. At Frontier Stone, we want you to know that choosing us means partnering with a locally owned business that has proudly served the community for several years. Our dedication to excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart.  The photos of our finished work and our excellent reviews are a testament to that commitment.

With Frontier Stone, you can expect more than just exceptional hardscaping installations. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project, ensuring that the beautiful elements we create for your property are not only visually stunning but also built to stand the test of time. We take pride in our craftsmanship and the long-lasting quality of our work.

When you work with us, you can trust that our communication with you will be clear, timely, and reliable. We believe in fostering strong client relationships built on trust and understanding. Your property's appearance matters to us, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the process. We genuinely care about delivering outstanding results that enhance your property and contribute to our positive reputation in the local community.

Choose Frontier Stone for your hardscaping needs, and experience the difference that comes with working with a dedicated, locally owned business. We are passionate about transforming outdoor spaces and take pride in the long-lasting beauty we create. Trust our team to provide knowledgeable landscape construction services that elevate your property's appearance and reflect our commitment to excellence.

If you want to schedule an estimate for your hardscaping project then please give us a call (303) 472-6790 or fill out our online contact form and we'll get back to you right away.

Frontier Stone Hardscape Design Pricing

If the vision you have for your landscape involves hardscaping, our team can build it for you!

Paver Patio Construction

Paver Patios

We can build beautiful paver patios of varying shapes and sizes.  Whether you want a backyard patio or a paver driveway we can build it for you.

Construction Cost $8k-$100k+ Depending On Size and Scope.

retaining wall installation

Retaining Walls

We can build small garden walls or more complex multi-tiered retaining walls out of landscape block or boulders for a more natural look.

Construction Cost $3k-$100k+ Depending On Size and Scope.

Firepit Construction


If you're looking for a great addition to your outdoor living space or somewhere to relax with friends and family a firepit is the answer.

Construction Cost $2.5k-$10k+ Depending On Size and Scope.

Outdoor Kitchen Construction

Outdoor Kitchens

If you love to entertain guests or cook outdoors for your friends and family then an outdoor kitchen is an excellent lifestyle upgrade.

Construction Cost $10k-$150k+ Depending On Size and Scope.

Pergola and Gazebo Construction


Pergolas and gazebos are excellent structures for your landscape if you just want a covered, shaded area incorporated into your outdoor living space.

Construction Cost $2.5k-$20k+ Depending On Size and Scope.

Paver Pool Deck Construction

Pool Decks

If you're having an in-ground pool installed you're going to need to landscape the area surrounding the pool.  We build paver patio pool decks.

Construction Cost $25k-$100k+ Depending On Size and Scope.

Hardscaping Designs Can Include

The sky is the limit when it comes to hardscaping design for your outdoor living space.  We can incorporate any or all of the following elements into your new hardscaping.

Privacy Fencing
Paver Patios
Retaining Walls
Outdoor Kitchens
Pool Decks
In-Ground Pool
Hot Tub Or Spa
Gazebos & Pergolas
Landscape Lighting
Entertainment Areas
Water Features
Custom Stairs
Garden Beds
Outdoor Bar
Built-In Seating
Boulder Walls
Dry Creek Beds

These prices are only ball park figures to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for the cost of high-end, hardscaping elements.  Your particular hardscaping design project may vary depending on the site, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your hardscaping.  After our on-site consultation we'll be able to provide you with a firm estimate to design your new hardscaping the right way.

What Our Customers Say...


it was easy to submit an online request for an estimate and it was easy to schedule a project inspection visit. The online proposal that I received was easy to use! It was great having Frontier Stone work on our brick fireplace for our backyard.

IGNACIO R R November 15, 2023

Exceptional Experience! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I can't express how thrilled I am with my recent experience. From start to finish, every aspect of my interaction with this company has been top-notch. The service I received was nothing short of exceptional. The staff went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. Their attentiveness and dedication to customer satisfaction are truly a step above. I felt like a valued customer from the moment I signed my contract. Additionally, the company's website was user-friendly, making it easy for me to find what I needed. The pricing was fair and competitive. Furthermore, the office staff was outstanding. I had a few questions before making my decision, and the response I received was quick, informative, and friendly. It's clear that they genuinely care about their customers' needs and concerns. In summary, my experience has been delightful. I will no doubt be a repeat customer and will enthusiastically recommend them to friends and family. Thank you for making me a happy customer!

Urias Alpha October 24, 2023

It was easy to look up pricing on their website and I was able to schedule a site visit online using their website. Easy experience so far with obtaining a proposal for our front porch masonry work.

Lidio Rebolloso October 2, 2023

Hiring this contractor was a huge mistake. The workers were constantly late, and the final result looks like it was done by amateurs. Sloppy craftsmanship and zero accountability.

Audrey Armoudlian August 23, 2023

I need a small repair for an entryway and frontier stone was able to repair it at a great price. I will continue to support a small local business in boulder county.

Alvaro Cedillo August 22, 2023

Their team crafted a sturdy and attractive wall that really complimented my landscaping - it's like a work of art in my backyard.

Dennis Harvey June 20, 2023

Thanks so much for our gorgeous fire pit! Your masonry services can’t be beat!

Matondo Ruth June 19, 2023

We used to completely ignore our backyard, but now it's an inviting place with a stunning patio for relaxing and entertaining! Great value for money as well.

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