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Unleash the Timeless Beauty of Real Stone Veneer: Embrace Rugged Elegance with a Touch of Luxurious Class

Real stone veneer presents an exquisite finishing touch for your home or building. At Frontier Stone, we approach stonework with instinct and intuition, ensuring that each masterpiece is one-of-a-kind and built to withstand the test of time. As your trusted masonry contractor based in Longmont, Colorado, serving Boulder County, Weld County, and beyond, we specialize in the meticulous installation of real stone veneer that transforms the exteriors of homes and businesses throughout our service area.

When considering exterior materials for your new home or remodeling project, the durability and low maintenance qualities of stone veneer make it an exceptional choice. Throughout the ages, natural stone has been relied upon for various purposes, from constructing awe-inspiring monuments to crafting essential tools. Stone masonry stands as a cornerstone in the history of mankind.

By utilizing quarried stone as a building material, a harmonious relationship forms between the stone, the project, and the skilled mason. Natural stone masonry calls upon the intuition and experience of the craftsman to bring forth exquisite designs.  Whether used for structural purposes, decorative accents, or a combination thereof, the versatility of stone masonry allows it to communicate any desired outcome. The mesmerizing beauty of stone masonry often captivates passersby, inviting them to pause and admire the artisan's skill and craftsmanship. While stone may be hard and cold to the touch, its presence emits a sense of warmth and tranquility.

As the original green building material, stone holds a rich cultural significance and has faithfully served humanity for thousands of years. Thanks to advancements in quarry technology, stone mining companies now produce an abundance of quarried stone, providing modern construction projects with the authentic beauty and longevity of this timeless material.

Unleash the allure of real stone veneer and invite an enduring legacy into your project. Join us at Frontier Stone as we combine our expertise with the captivating essence of natural stone, creating remarkable exteriors that bridge the past and present. Discover the transformative power of authentic stone masonry, as it breathes life into your surroundings and leaves an indelible mark on both yesterday's and today's world.

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