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Are you thinking about building a custom wood deck?  Maybe you’re looking to get more enjoyment out of your property during our beautiful Island summers?  Maybe you’d like a nice area for BBQ’ing or entertaining your friends and family?  A beautiful custom wood deck will improve the value of your home, increase your living space, and make your home a more enjoyable place to spend those hot summer days.

Frontier Stone is a custom carpentry service based in Longmont, Colorado and serving Boulder County and Weld County and the surrounding area.  We specialize in designing and building custom wood decks made out of affordable Pressure Treated Lumber, luxurious Western Red Cedar and even more exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, and Kayu.  Whether you want us to rebuild an existing deck or build something new and unique the small team of craftsman at the Frontier Stone will be able to help you.

Wood Decks are an excellent way to keep a natural look and feel about your property.  Most decks today are built out of wood because it’s affordable and easy for your builder to work with.

The most affordable and commonly used type of wood for decking would be pressure treated decking materials.  However, wood can also be quite expensive if you’re wanting to build your deck out of popular redwood, cedar or the even more expensive Ipe.  Natural decking materials however offer a certain richness, and feel that you can only get from using wood.

Materials We Use For Building Custom Decks

  • Pressure Treated Wood Decking
  • Western Red Cedar Decking
  • Ipe Decking
  • Kayu Decking

What’s The Difference In Wood For Decking?

Pressure Treated Decking:  It’s very resistant to rot and insects and it also withstands moisture very well, not to mention it’s readily available which also makes it affordable.  Pressure treated wood doesn’t necessarily need to be painted if you like the dark brown, or dark green color variations that it comes in.  Most pressure treated decking material is milled from southern yellow pine.  Frontier Stone can build you a deck out of pressure treated lumber throughout the Colorado area.

Redwood & Cedar Decking: If budget isn’t an issue and you want one of the more elegant looking materials for your deck then redwood or red cedar are great choices. Both of  these western softwoods are highly sought after for their deep rich colors and natural beauty. Both of these species actually contain tannins and oils that help them naturally resist rot, decay and wood boring insects without having to be treated with chemicals.  The crew at Frontier Stone are the Colorado Cedar Decking experts!

Ipe Decking:  Also known as Brazilian Walnut or Ironwood Ipe pronounced (Ee-pee) is beautiful looking exotic wood from South America. Ipe is naturally very resistant to rot, abrasion & weather which makes it a good canditate for a deck in our Colorado climate.  Ipe’s great looks and performance don’t come without cost however as it’s more expensive than Cedar.  Ipe is definitely not a budget deck material but we work with it enough that Frontier Stone can provide you with an excellent looking Ipe Deck.

Our Deck Construction Process

  • Initial consultation to view your project and the build site.
  • We’ll answer any questions or provide suggestions where needed.
  • We can include custom deck design if needed.
  • Schedule your start date.

Our Deck Building Estimates Include:

  • Tear out or removal of old deck (if there is one)
  • Proper base and footings
  • Deck framing and construction
  • Decking material of your choice
  • High quality fasteners and hardware
  • Railings and stairs if/where required
  • Sealing deck if required (recommended for waterfront decks)

Why Choose Frontier Stone To Build Your Wood Deck?

When you choose Frontier Stone to build your deck you’re partnering with a small team of dedicated craftsman carpenters.  With many years of combined experience you can be rest assured your deck will be built to the highest of standards.

We have a solid track record of happy and satisfied customers, many of them calling on us again and again for their carpentry needs and also referring us to their friends and family.  It’s through the quality of our work and dedication to each and every customer that our business continues to grow.

We care about your deck project and we want to make sure we do the best job we possibly can.  We provide unbeatable value, we keep your property clean and uncluttered, our pricing is fair, and the quality of our finished carpentry work is unmatched.

We realize that you’ve got many choices when it comes to a custom deck builder in our Colorado service area. We want you to know we understand and appreciate the commitment you are about to make to your home and we take it very seriously. When you choose Frontier Stone you’re choosing a partner in making your home a better place. We guarantee it!

If you’d like to schedule an estimate or consultation for your wood deck project give us a call at (303) 472-6790 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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